31 January 2019

New Collection of Lace Crochet Pattern Books & Materials Used

5 New Crochet Pattern Books Now Available!

When I am not painting or drawing, you can usually find me crocheting.  My closet is filled with garments and accessories that I have crocheted over the years.  I love wearing the finished garment, but I often have more fun coming up with the pattern or executing the finishing touches.  It’s sort of like a game where you develop the strategy as you play.  I thought I would start a collection of some of my original patterns.  I’ve added several recently as ebooks.  They are available at a number of retailers including Amazon, Etsy, Apple Books and the Nook Store. (Update: 2/13/19 Now in Paperback as well.)

Links to the purchase these items and the materials used in the project are provided at the end of the blog post.

"Lace Crochet Convertible Poncho Cape" includes a pattern for a garment that can be worn as a traditional poncho with the long corner point in front and back, or as a cape with the longer edges on the side hanging over the arms.  I include additional instructions to crochet a scarf and belt for added versatility and a more modern take on the lace poncho.

 "Lace Crochet Motif Capelet Shawl" is a 1-2 skeins of yarn project for a motif inspired shawl capelet with added decorative edging and ribbed neckline.  It's great as a layering piece in the winter when made with #4 yarn or an even thicker, chunkier yarn.  Or, you can omit the ribbed neckline and make a gorgeous lacey wrap for spring and summer.  Make it in white fine yarn without the collar and it could work as a bridal stole or wrap.

 “Lace Crochet Convertible Shrug“ is a relatively quick project that can be worn in a number of ways: as a shrug, a wrap a scarf, etc.  In most cases, you can make the garment with only one skein of yarn.  I recommend having two on hand, however.  That way, you can add additional decorative edging as suggested in the pattern. The project moves quickly, so you don't have to worry about getting frustrated with monotonous row by row stitches. The end result is a beautiful, delicate lace crochet motif shrug that is incredibly versatile and comfortable.

"Twist Front Lace Crochet Motif Sweater" is another motif crochet pattern.  The wrap sweater is incredibly comfortable, drapes beautifully and makes a great "all season" layering sweater.  You can make it with thicker yarn and add the optional sleeves to make a nice winter piece.  Or, use a lighter weight yarn and omit the sleeves for a wrap that looks awesome over a tank top or bathing suit.  

"Lace Crochet Covered Ornaments" is a set of 6 motif crochet patterns that can be used to cover ornaments and other baubles.  Although, ideal for Christmas or weddings, the patterns can be easily adapted to cover other baubles, globes, river rocks or stones.  The ideas are endless.  These make impressive gifts and they are so much fun to make.

I love making garments that can be worn all year round and don't cost a fortune in yarn, or take weeks to complete.  All of these projects don't cost a fortune, are relatively quick to make & both can be accomplished with just basic crochet stitches.

I hope to add more pattern books when I have the time to design them. I will update this post with any new additions.

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Materials used:
For all the patterns, this set of ergonomic hooks and accessories is a great purchase.  This is the actually one that I own and use the most frequently.
In addition to the hook set above, I used the following to items for the poncho cape:


In addition to the hooks above, here is the pattern and yarn used for the capelet:
In addition to the set of hooks above, here is the pattern and the yarn used for the shrug.
In addition to the hook set above, here is the pattern and the yarn used in the twist-front center.  I was unable to locate the green yarn that I used from elann. It was available on Amazon in Canada. But, Amazon US had the sand color which is equally as beautiful.  I like this yarn for its smooth,suede-like texture.  It gives an interesting look to the finished garment.

In addition to the hook set mentioned above, here is the set of patterns and the white crochet thread used to make the balls & ornaments.

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