DIY 3D Origami Stars Tutorial w/ Recycled Paper & Junk Mail ( bonus harp solo Beauty and the Beast )

My daughter’s harp teacher taught us how to fold these stars.  She had several of them delicately strung with thread hanging from a mobile.  It made a great window decoration.  

These are equally beautiful as Christmas tree decorations, or tied onto a gift box.  The size is variable, but the paper strips used must be at least a 24:1 ratio, or they won’t be long enough to complete the project.

Small Stars can be made with paper strips that are at least 12 inches long by 0.5 inch wide.  Larger stars can be made with 24 inch long by 1 inch inch wide strips.  I’ve even made large stars for parties that were made with spools of bendable ribbon.  Just remember to keep the 24:1 ratio when cutting the strips. 


Thank you to my daughter who provided the background music.  It’s a practice harp session of her at age 11 playing Beauty and the Beast.

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Originally published on 1/1/2019


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