05 January 2019

DIY Lace Crochet Covered Ornament Pattern Tutorial ( harp solo Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella)

Two pattern books with several of my crochet lace cover patterns is now available.

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I love these lace crochet covered ornaments. They have such a romantic and elegant look to them.  They look beautiful displayed in a set, hung on a tree, displayed as a window decoration or mobile.  Great for Christmas and other holidays, but equally beautiful at other times of the year.  

Ornaments come in many different diameters.  I tried to choose an easy pattern that would fit the standard globe ornaments....about 2.5 inches in diameter.  


In case you are interested, this is the white crochet thread I used. I’ve used this silver thread as well.   I also just bought this set of ergonomic crochet hooks.  Although, I have the basic aluminum hooks as well.  It often depends on how long I’ve been crocheting and whether my thumb or wrists feel sore.  I like both sets.  

The background harp music is me (an adult beginner) practicing “Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella”.

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