Some of Our Newest Bookshelf Acquisitions

Our family reads a lot! Our bookshelves are pretty diverse with a wide-range of titles in topics such as : technical and educational books, nonfiction, historical fiction, young adult, sci-fi, romance, needlework and other arts and crafts.  I thought I’d start a blog post for some of our newest “additions to our bookshelves” in case any of these titles interest you or a member of your household.  Please note that these books were all purchased by us.  We did not receive a discount in exchange for our purchase.  In most cases, we either found the titles on our own or found them via a recommendation from another title we’ve purchased in the past.

If the book title is available on Amazon, it will be linked with an affiliate link* which will offer a referral fee should you decide to purchase the title. Rest assured the commission will go to buy new books for my daughter most likely! In some cases, the link refers to a boxed set.  That’s because we probably bought all of them and liked the entire set.  The Discovery of Witches which is part of the All Souls Trilogy has been made into a TV Series which will be coming to the US in 2019.

Affiliate Disclosure

I participant in the Amazon Services Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to products that I endorse. In most cases, these are items that I created, or have purchased for use in a product.