My love/hate relationship with meringue has turned to love!

As you may know from my previous post, I’ve had a love / hate relationship with making meringue cookies.  I absolutely love them when they turn out as expected and hate when they fail.  Luckily, my last attempts have been pretty successful and my daughter and her friends have enjoyed most of my experimental batches.

My hand mixer finally died, so I upgraded to an inexpensive stand mixer.  It helps a little, but isn’t all that necessary for getting good peaks in the meringue.  A handheld one works fine.

I’ve decided to cut down on the sugar too.  For 3 egg whites, I found that 45g-50g is sufficient for flavor.  This works out to about 3-4 tsp per egg white.  And, you can make at least 12 meringues per egg white.  (You can make more if you are making small, bite-sized “kisses”.)

On the most recent batch, I was able to make 36 meringue rings using a sultan piping tip.  I then filled the center hole using the large star tip to pipe a little star into the center of each meringue.

I prefer to use parchment paper when I make meringues, but the sultan (sultane) piping tip works better when I use the silicone baking mat. It is heavier and doesn’t lift up as easily as the parchment paper.  If you use paper, you might want to “glue” the corner down with a bit of the meringue paste, or tape the corners down to prevent the paper from lifting as you pipe the rings.

This batch used:
3 egg whites
48g of granulated sugar
1 tsp of vanilla
1/2 tsp of white vinegar.
Baked in convection oven at 225 for 35 minutes and then left in warm oven until cool. About another 30 minutes. Next time, I might try the convection oven for 45 minutes at 200 degrees F. the complete directions can be found in my earlier post.
Here are the items I used to make the meringues:


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