New Line of Sketch & Design Books


The most current selection of sketch and art notebooks available for purchase.

Between my daughter and I, we go through a lot of sketchbooks.  She likes unlined journals for  free-form hand-lettering, doodling, sketching and writing down thoughts and ideas.  Lately, I’ve been creating a like of grids with a variety of linked polynomials. As you may have noticed from my motif crochet designs, I like to use a variety of geometric shapes.  But, drawing each design freehand on blank paper takes a lot of extra time, so I started using graph paper.  This inspired me to create a new line of sketchbooks and design books suitable for our needs.

The “Art & Design” sketchbooks are 200 pgs (100 sheets) of 8.5”x11” white acid-free paper.  The weight is 55# (90 GSM). This is the standard weight you find in most household or business printers. The pages are essentially blank, but I do provide a few lines at the bottom of each page to record special details about your artwork, doodle, or design idea.  Each book features my artwork on the front and back cover.

The “Designer’s Notebooks” are a bit different.  These were entirely created because of my current need for patterned paper for writing my newest crochet patterns.  The books are also 8.5”x11” acid-free white paper in 55# (90 GSM) muti-purpose weight. The 200 pgs (100 sheets) include a variety of patterned and lined sheets ready to be filled with your designs and written patterns or notes.  These books should prove useful to a fashion designer with an interest in designing with shapes, or those who crochet, knit, quilt, etc.  the pages include standard graph paper, heaxagonal patterns and modified tumbling blocks that could be used for pentagonal designs. The front and back covers depict my original artwork.  

If you are interested in other patterned pages, or would like to see a different cover image from my portfolio, please write and let me know.  The current collection of patterns and sketchbooks available for purchase. The patterns are available in both paperback and kindle format.  The sketch & design books are in the Paperback section. Thank you.

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