DIY Lip Balms - Recipe and pictures.

Making your own homemade lip balms is fast, fun and healthier than the store bought ones.  I started making and selling lip balms years ago and designed each label using one of my paintings.  I wanted to have a healthier alternative to store bought ones.  So I found a variety of oils, butters, natural beeswax and essential oils that were “food safe”.  I wanted to make balms that were glossy rather than waxy.  

Some of you have tried my lip balms in the past. I still love the lavendar-vanilla, lime-mango, honey, coffee and coconut-lemongrass. But today, we are making some new flavors. So far, we are experimenting with Rose-Vanilla, Orange-vanilla, and one made with Antesite Anis. Smells good so far!! Want to try it yourself? 

Check out mountainroseherbs and Bulk Apothecary and essential oils from wholefoods  and other lip balm supplies from Amazon.

The ratio I generally use is (in Tablespoons):
1 beeswax: 1 hard oil/butter (such as shea, coconut or cocoa): 2 liquid oils (such as sunflower, sweet almond or olive).
 I then add Vitamin E, organic essential oils and other flavors to desired strength and glossiness.

Start with small batches until you find a recipe you like.

You can melt everything together in a double boiler, or submerge a Pyrex pitcher in a pot of  boiling water. I use a Pyrex that is dedicated just to making lip balms and solid perfumes.

That’s can make solid perfume in much the same way, but you can use other fragrant essential,oils that are safe for the skin.  Just be sure to label your item as perfume, rather than lip balm.  Some essential oils are too strong for the lips, especially if you are making things that young kids might use.  Young kids tend to chew on their lips.  So, be sure to use oils that can be ingested and are considered food safe. 

Anise Vanilla Spearmint

Rose Vanilla

Supplies all laid out

Orange Vanilla

Two completed tubes

Coffee Vanilla (can be used as a cheek tint too)

Do it yourself!


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