The New Crossover Cardigan Sweater Crochet Pattern is now online.

Pattern  available for purchase on both Ravelry and Amazon (affiliate link).

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The New Crossover Cardigan Sweater Crochet Pattern is now available on Ravelry and Amazon. (Amazon may be 24 hrs delayed as they approve the book before publishing.)

This is such a fun sweater to make and to wear! Very versatile. I hope you enjoy it. -kristen

An easy and relatively quick crochet pattern for a crossover sweater that can be customized as a vest, cardigan or long-sleeved pullover sweater with cross-front panels. The sizes are based on width from shoulder to shoulder. Fit is loose throughout the waist and hips given the open crossover panels in the front. The sleeves, if added, are slightly tapered and long. The majority of the sweater is done with simple repeated patterns using basic stitches. An easy weekend project that will provide a great layering piece for year-round wear.
Sizes: (S, M, L, XL)
Small (S) fits 15” (38cm) shoulder-shoulder, Medium (M) fits 16” (40cm) shoulder-shoulder; Large (L) fits 18” (45cm) shoulder-shoulder; Extra-Large (XL) fits 20” (50cm) shoulder-shoulder.
Easily adaptable to other sizes.
Finished Measurements:
Laid flat without stretching, the width of each panel will be determined by the shoulder fit plus 1” (2.54cm). So, S will span 16” (40cm) across, M will span 17” (42.5cm) across, L will span 19” (47.5cm) and XL will span a width of 21” (52.5cm) across at the shoulders. The garment then widens as it extends toward the waist and hips given the open cross-panel fit. Total length from shoulder to bottom perimeter edge is approximately 25” (63.5cm). Sleeve length is approximately 18”(45cm) and tapers to 5.5” (14cm) at the wrist.