New diy face mask tutorial using pillow case, tshirt and hair elastics.

New update 5/7/2020.
I’ve been playing with a new face mask design design to use up quilting squares and unused hair elastics and pillow cases.  I created a photo tutorial if you want to follow along and make one for you, your kids, or a loved one.

All you need is four 7”-8” squares of fabric.  I used two cut from a pillow case for the main fabric and two cut from tshirt Stretch jersey material for the lining. Two standard 2.25”-2.5” hair elastics and a 5” piece of wire for the bendable nose wire.  I used flat aluminum wire and covered it in duct tape.  Thick floral wire can work too.  If you don’t use flat wire, be sure to round out or hammer the edges so they aren’t sharp.  You don’t want them to poke through the fabric.  

Watch the video and then contact me below if you have any questions. -Kristen 

Most of these are being donated to healthcare workers and other essential workers in the community.  A few masks are available In exchange for donations. I am not technically selling my designs, but I will make some available in exchange for monetary donations to help offset the cost of materials and/or shipping costs to ship masks to those in need.  Please inquire if interested in a particular design. 

Other donated mask designs:
I have a bunch of cotton fabric that was printed with my artwork when I was making handmade bags and phone pouches.  Using a tutorial by Sweet Red Poppy, I adapted her design to the materials that I have in inventory and started making masks for local need in our community.

Although a cloth mask such as this cannot prevent someone from catching Covid19 as they do not filter the virus like an N95 mask can, these masks still have value to the community.  They can be used in public to help “cover a cough”.  The can also help remind people not to touch their nose and mouth if their face is covered.  These handmade masks can also be used as filter covers.  They can fit over an N95 mask as a cover to prolong the life of the N95 mask.  They can also be given out to visitors in medical centers to offer some protection from exposure or from touching their face during this pandemic.

You can find the tutorial I used on the Sweet Red Poppy site.  Or click on the video below. Note that the bias tape strips are each 36” long.  Folded over they will be 18” long.  She says she cuts two that are 18” long, but that is incorrect.  They are each 36” long, but folded in half, they will measure 18”)

I also didn’t have bias tape, so I used hem tape or made my own edging/ties using material that I have.  I also used thick gauge copper wire to insert a flexible nose piece.  There’s also a small opening in the back where a filter could be placed.  Or, place another mask inside and use these as covers to help prolong the life of existing compliant masks.

I also made a bunch of other masks for healthcare and essential workers using donated fabric.


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