Lace Crochet Covered snowball Ornaments, Rocks, Pumpkins, Eggs, or globe-free using Balloons!

The pattern books for my lace covered crochet ornaments are available on Amazon and Ravelry. There are two books for different-sized ornaments:

Pattern book 1 is called simply “Lace crochet Covered Ornaments” by Kristen Stein  and the patterns are designed to fit on 2.25” standard-sized ornaments.

Pattern Book 2 is called “Large Lace Crochet Covered Ornaments” By Kristen Stein and The patterns are designed to fit larger 4” diameter globes or snowballs. 


Crafting tip :: If you have my pattern book for the “Large Lace Covered Crochet Ornaments” ( available on Amazon (affiliate link*) and Ravelry) but are having trouble finding the 100mm glass/acrylic ornaments in the stores, here’s a fun trick.  Place a balloon inside your crochet design and blow it up to fit the pattern.  Close the ornament according to my pattern, but don’t fully tighten it.  Coat the design with spray starch, “stiffen up”, diluted glue, or fabric stiffener. Let dry fully. Repeat the coating as needed. Make sure the crochet pattern is nice and stiff & then pop the balloon and tighten up the final round of my pattern.  You might want to then coat the final lace crochet globe with another coating of diluted glue, “stiffen up” or spray starch as well.  Decorate as desired.  This style may not hold its shape as well when the ornaments are packed away each year, but they are definitely fun to make and a good trick to use until the stores have the 4” diameter ornaments in stock! Have fun!! Let me know if you try this trick.  Tag me @kristensteindesigns on a Instagram. Thank you to my friend Robin for sharing her current “work in progress” photo using one of my patterns.

In lieu of the large ornament try an inflated balloon.
Work in progress images provided by my friend Robin.
See details above.

It’s never too early to start planning your holiday gifts & decorations! These lace covered snowballs inspired by snowflakes make great hostess gifts.  They look great on indoor and outdoor trees, or grouped together as a centerpiece. You can use the same patterns in my books to wrap other shapes and baubles.  Try them on rocks, eggs, balloons, and pumpkins for different holidays throughout the year.  

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