New free pattern & “how to” video tutorial :: twist headband/earwarmer Tunisian stitch & 2-sided hook

 Free pattern for a twist headband using simple Tunisian stitches on a double crochet hook in contrasting colors.  No former knowledge of Tunisian crochet is required to complete this project. 

Pattern download now free on Ravelry.
Also free on  Kindle Unlimited ($1.99 otherwise)
Amazon affiliate link.
Companion video tutorial for the headband is linked below. 

New “how to” video to replicate this headband.

I made a tutorial for the reversible headband/earwarmer.  

Quick and easy! No former knowledge of Tunisian crochet is needed.

Have you ever used a double- ended crochet hook? Its perfect for this project.  You can also use an interchangeable crochet hook if you have one. Traditional Tunisian crochet generally works only on the right side of the garment (leaving a less aesthetically appealing “wrong side” when using two my opinion ). But with a double-ended crochet hook, you can work with both ends and make a fun fully reversible item! Sometimes this technique is referred to as Cro-hook or Cro-Knit as it gives a knit/purl effect similar to knitting. Just as with crochet or knitting, there are a lot of fun Tunisian stitches to learn and tools to use.  This project uses a very basic stitch with a 2-sided crochet hook.

I added an affiliate link to the double-ended crochet hooks that I bought for this project.  Unlike Tunisian 2-sided hooks, mine do not have the same size hook on both ends. (One side is slightly bigger.  But this has a negligible effect on the project. )

Buy the double ended crochet hooks that I used in this project on Amazon. (Affiliate link)

Yarn is Loops and Threads Impeccable in Fern (from Michaels).  And Sugar ‘n Cream in Hot Orange.


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