3 easy cast on stitches I use for Tunisian Crochet.


A video showing three of the ways I cast on when doing Tunisian crochet or two-way Tunisian (sometimes called Croknitting or Crohooking). The spine bump cast on is easy and versatile as is the long tail cast on.  I particularly like the one I call “the braided chain” or “weighted” cast-on when I use two yarn colors and a two-sided crochet hook. The braided chain provides multiple loops for easy cast on and gives a little extra thickness to the bottom row which can help prevent your Tunisian from curling. (You may need to work a row or two of reverse stitches to also help prevent curling. Hope this is helpful. *Designer Note*: The braided chain can be used as your foundation chain in other projects.  It is also useful for making a thin rope, belt or tie for other garments.

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