Creating a bucket bag with ribbon yarn & double-sided crochet hook

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The finished bag.

Work in progress

Behind the scenes video :: stitch demo

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In this video, I work through a few crochet stitches using zpagetti fettuccine ribbon yarn and a double-ended crochet hook. The yarn and hooks are available in my link bio.  

Very strong and secure stitch. 

This adorable basket bag is created with ribbon yarn and a double-ended crochet hook. Other chunky yarns will work as well, such as: tshirt yarn, fettucine yarn, tape yarn, or other flat yarn. This pattern uses a 2-way stitch using both ends of a double-ended crochet hook to create a flat vertical stitch similar to the Gobelin stitch in needlepoint, or the full stitch in Tunisian Crochet. You do not need to know either the Gobelin or Tunisian Crochet techniques in order to complete this project. This bag is about 10” wide at the top and stands 9” tall, but the pattern is easy to adjust for larger bags if desired. The bag used one skein of yarn and a double-ended crochet hook.

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