Stitch demo with tshirt yarn and double ended crochet hook. Crochet project bag or basket.


Working with tshirt yarn today as I create the base for a project basket/bag.  Still need to figure out how much I need for various projects.  I have coffee (shown) and espresso brown.  I think this will evolve into a two-toned bucket bag, but I’m just working on shaping the base right now.  I’m using a double-ended crochet hook to make a two-way crocheted stitch. Working in two directions provides a little sturdier stitch for this project.  I actually needed a larger hook, but I’m getting by.  Let me know if you have used tshirt yarn before? And, if so, what did you make?  

After working up the sides a few inches, I set the bag/basket aside momentarily.  Next I knew, our fur friends had found it and what was going to be a project bag became a new cat bed! 

Links to Yarn and double crochet hooks used in the project. (Amazon affiliate links)

How the work in progress is progressing without a cat inside ....