Tshirt Yarn Crossbody Bucket Bag


(Update: The bag is done and the pattern is available if you’d like to replicate the project.)

Pattern Now Available 
On Ravelry & Amazon.

Stitch tutorial

New tshirt yarn bag design in the works. The yarn is micro tshirt yarn by @bobilon_yarn in Olive. I’ll be working with a double-ended crochet hook  to create a more secure stitch in 2 directions similar to how I made the blue mini tote the other day.  Given the smaller size of this yarn, I’m going to start with a pre-made base to give the bag more structure. The base, hooks and yarn are linked in my bio.  

Update on the bucket bag. Here’s the bag so far : I used a 2-way stitch with a double-sided crochet hook to make a strong secure stitch.  Given the thinner width of this micro tshirt yarn, I modified the stitch slightly from the blue mini tote bag / basket I made for my daughter (see feed for the blue bag). I also used a pre-shaped base to give extra support and prevent the bottom from sagging. (The yarn, base and special hooks are linked in my bio.) The stitch is reminiscent of a full-stitch in Tunisian crochet or the Gobelin stitch in needlepoint.  It gives a nice woven appearance with dominant vertical stitch. .

Yarn is micro #tshirtyarn by Bobilonin Olive. Yarn, base and hooks are linked in bio if you want more info.

More pictures of the completed bag.