Boatneck Blouson Seamless Lace Crochet Top


Kristen Stein Designs

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Pattern info and joining stitch demo

A seamless lace crochet granny square motif pattern for a boatneck top that can be worn with or without the crocheted belt. Unbelted, the top can be loose and flowy and worn layered over a tight fitting tank or camisole. Belted, the top has a blouson effect at the waist or hip depending on how you weave though the crocheted belt. 

The top is written as a “one size fits most” with generous sizing. But, you can easily modify the pattern for larger sizes by increasing the thickness of the yarn, using a larger hook or adding additional rounds to each motif to your desired size. Additional motifs can also be added to increase the width or length of the garment if desired. To reduce the overall size of the garment, a smaller hook can be used, or the user can omit the final round of each motif when joining motifs. For comparison purposes, the pictures show the same top on a small/med frame mannequin and a L/XL mannequin.

Laid flat, unstretched, the garment measures 23.5”(59cm) in length from shoulder to base. The neck opening measures 12”(30cm) across. The underarm to underarm measurement across the front is 32”(80cm). The bottom perimeter measures 34.5”(86cm) from side to side.

Pattern Now Available 
On Ravelry & Amazon.

Stitch Demo
Joining Motifs


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