Tunisian Crochet Philadelphia Eagles Design Projects

 The Philadelphia Eagles are having a tremendous season.  I wanted to create a new design to commemorate their incredible 2022 year.  So, I used Tunisian Crochet Simple Stitches to replicate the familiar eagle design onto various headgear.  Below you can see some of them the items that I designed.

All of these designs were done with Tunisian Crochet Simple Stitch to create the exterior design.  Two strand ribbing was used for the lining.  The ribbing was extended several inches on the hat to create the foldable ribbing at the base.  Two cardboard circles were used to wrap and shape the Pom-Pom.  All materials were scrap materials leftover from other projects.

Will be offering these as gifts to people I know who are huge Eagle fans! I might make the pattern available if others are interested in replicating it.  Comment below if you are interested in the pattern.